On spoilers and attention-grabbing

Today Kotaku published a potential spoiler for Arkham City, raising quite a bit of fuss over the internet. I’m not going to link to it because I’d rather not give any potential hits (or spoil my friends), but this seems worth talking about.

You see, others responded that it wasn’t really a spoiler, because it’s a bait-and-switch plot point. But in doing so to reassure people, they had inadvertently raised another spoiler. Of course I suspected this was a red herring, but both the red herring itself and the resolution of it as a red herring are supposed to be surprises. So both the headline and the attempts to assuage it were mistakes.

In better news, free Portal 2 DLC and Uncharted 3 multiplayer. Hot diggity damn.

  • I suppose I’ll have to reserve my judgment for when I see this grand scope, but the way they describe Beyond Good & Evil 2 doesn’t sound like anything impossible for this generation.
  • I’m sure I’ll pick up a Vita at some point, but the 3G is just getting less and less appealing to me. I was considering shelling out the extra $50 just in case I ever wanted it, but now I don’t even know if I care.
  • Zelda details like this about might seem insignificant, but as a fan I like hearing that they’re really thinking about the little things. I’ll probably play in Pro mode.

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