HDTGM sells me on Punisher: War Zone

The How Did This Get Made podcast is one of my new favorites since Bryan turned me onto it. It’s great for having a laugh at terrible movies you’ve seen, like The Last Airbender or Skyline, or ones you’ve only heard of, like The Wicker Man. They tend to relish in the “so bad it’s good” appeal of crappy movies, enjoying them for their craziness. You might say they enjoy these movies more than the people who took them seriously.

This week they did Punisher: War Zone, and they treated it a bit more seriously. The director was on, and they talked on and on about how it was beautifully shot and a throwback to over-the-top 80s action movies. They basically argued in favor of accepting the movie on its own terms. It’s not a grand epic, but it wasn’t supposed to be. The director wanted it to be absurdist violence, and it was. I didn’t watch War Zone (the first Punisher movie convinced me to stay away), but now it’s in my Netflix rental queue.

Congratulations, How Did This Get Made. You did what the advertising campaigns and my general love of superheroes could not.

  • I’m fond of the Jak & Daxter games, even if I was more of a Ratchet guy. I think my interest in this possible HD Collection will depend a lot on the extras and whether or not they throw in the portable games. I’ve already played all but Jak X (and I even reviewed and enjoyed Lost Frontier) but I’m a sucker for good values.
  • My Xbox 360 probably takes a good 15 seconds to start up, and the input lag on the dash is really noticeable. What I’m saying is, I’m really looking forward to this dash update.
  • I need to get around to watching A Game of Thrones. Since I can’t offer any particular insight based on the series, though, I just enjoy Confused Sean Bean as the top image for this story.

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