Adventures in Crockpotting: The Dungeon of Lasagna

I’ve been using the crock pot about once a week, usually to make chili, but almost everything so far has been some kind of soup. The crab soup turned out pretty good, and there was a disastrous goulash recipe that I tried once, but I’ve been trying to expand my slow cooker palette. Today, that meant trying out lasagna.

Apparently, in the case of lasagna, you just lay it out like normal and let it sit stewing for four hours. I added tons of extra garlic and oregano, but it didn’t come through for some reason. It wasn’t terrible, but I expected way more punch for the spices I used. Plus, an oval pot didn’t exactly work well for the noodle layout.

  • Mario Galaxy 2’s soundtrack really stood out, and that has to be partly because it was orchestrated, so it’s great to hear they’re going the same route with Skyward Sword.
  • This story wasn’t that gripping or significant, but I did enjoy making a Steve Ballmer joke in the first paragraph.
  • The Battlefield 3 Gridiron thing is clever enough, if not a bit of an odd combo. My original title was something like, “EA drafts football stars for Battlefield 3 promo,” which I thought was terribly clever. Apparently the new one is more SEO-friendly, but I’ll always hold a candle for the headline that never was.

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