My first official NCW

So as I’ve blogged before, I’ve decided to try out grabbing comics regularly. I visited the shop last Wednesday, but that was more accidental than anything. Today was the first time I consciously went to the store on New Comic Wednesday, so I’m going to count it as the first official one.

The shop is pushing the New 52 with some good deals, which is good since that’s what I’m interested in. This month’s is one a buy 1, get 1 half off among the #2s, so that should work out well for experimenting with other titles. I also picked up a few of the older ones that I missed. So, thoughts follow.

Action Comics #2: One of my favorites of the #1s, since it feels the freshest, this one continued the streak. They’re continuing to build an original world on familiar themes, and I absolutely loved the little supplement in the back explaining some of the artistic choices. Also, it’s one of the better series’ for cliffhangers, and now I have to wait a full month to see where those subplots takes us. My best comic read this week, easily.

The Dark Knight #1: If my history has shown anything, it’s that I enjoy some good Batmanning. And this was some quality Batmanning, with some nice tie-ins to the plot threads going through the standard Batman book. I actually liked it better than the main Batman #1 — until I reached the last panel, which was probably supposed to be a great twist, but was actually kind of stupid. I might try out the #2, just to see if they keep making good on the potential without dipping into the outright dumb.

Wonder Woman #1: I’ll be honest. I had no idea what the hell was going on for about 75% of this comic. But I think we’re meant to be in the dark at first, and most of it comes together by the end. I’m a sucker for Greco-Roman mythology. Plus, just a gorgeous art style. This is one that I’ll probably pick up the #2 to see a little more of where it goes.

Detective Comics #2: I already knew the gist of #1, and this was my selection for the shop’s deal. Now, I’m on record of enjoying Batman. A lot. See: The Dark Knight, above. That said, I think I kind of hate Detective Comics. I understand what they were going for: gritty-ass grit. I know the classic “Detective” pulp tradition involved stories that were gruesome (for their day), and I can respect them for aiming in that direction, but I tend to think the unseen, implied gore is more effective than the “shock” scares. The art was wonderfully drawn, but it just really left a bad taste in my mouth. Pass.

In much sadder news, Steve Jobs passed. A lot of people have chimed in with beautiful, eloquent statements on his passing, so I’ll keep mine short and sweet. The first memory I have of using a computer was the Apple II GS. I only remember two applications: Teddy Bear Teaches Typing, and a crude painting program that used an early tablet. Twenty-plus years later, my career has been graphic design, and writing about video games. Suffice to say he made an impact.

Steve Jobs defined the soul of Apple, and luckily he did it so well that his spirit and vision has been passed on and adopted by a lot of people both in and outside the company. He’ll be missed, but we’re going to see his fingerprints in consumer technology for decades. It’s reassuring to see how someone’s legacy will live on so soon after their death.

  • I might pick up the Dragon Age 2 DLC that ties into this web series, but I don’t generally watch web series that often. I suppose I’ll have to gauge my interest in the character on the story in the game.
  • Having not seen any gameplay, I can’t say much about Inafune’s next game. That said, an action-RPG starring talking pirate animals? It sounds adorable and right up his alley.
  • Big lawsuits are difficult times for small companies, so I don’t want to sound too gleeful, but this EA lawsuit story is so off-the-wall nuts that it’s really hard not to love it.

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