The indecision chasm

How’s that for a pretentious title?

I’m sort of between games right now. I’m clearing out some backlog of downloadable stuff, but I’m sort of getting in the mood for a larger “meatier” experience. The problem is, Arkham City is due out in under two weeks, and I know whatever else I’m playing will immediately go on hold when it hits. So I’m not really sure what to play. I have Killzone 3 and RE4 HD, which could probably be finished within 2 weeks. I just don’t want to get halfway through and then stop for Batmanning.

I played the demo of Orcs Must Die on XBLA last night, and that game is really fun. They gave a good sampling of levels to show the depth of strategy too. Personally, I like the tar to slow enemies and the spear walls. I might have to pick that one up.

  • I’ve gone from fairly apathetic to super-excited about Skyward Sword in a pretty short period of time.
  • I made sure to couch this accusation in plenty of “allegedlys,” but if it’s true that’s one heck of a thing to lie about.
  • I hear they stop the Farmville movie a half-hour in unless you bug your friends to see it too. (Obvious joke, but it had to be done.)

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