Mass Effect 3 (with 4 players)

If there is one thing more unnecessary that complaining on the internet, it is complaining about complaining on the internet. With that caveat in mind, let me say I don’t understand why people react to added video game features. Take today’s Mass Effect 3 multiplayer announcement. It leaked out a bit early, and as far as I can tell, people totally lost their poop.

A time-honored internet tradition.

It sounds like they’re doing this up pretty well, as I’d expect. The multiplayer is co-op only, and not a part of the campaign. But really, even if it were a versus mode or integrated into the campaign, what does that matter? If they add features you don’t like, don’t use them. I understand when people are upset about removing features or making big changes, but added features are a pretty easy problem to solve. Don’t use them.

  • I have my problems with the Modern Warfare stories, but it’s really not with the cliffhangers. It’s more that the first one, whether intended or not, made some interesting and even poignant observations about war as told through an interactive medium, and Modern Warfare 2 became Bad Boys 3: Warzone.
  • Smart move.

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