Nailing the Batman tone

It’s Wednesday again, and you know what that means. Everyone in the office making the same joke about “hump day” every single wek for the rest of existence!

And also new comics.

Ultimate Spider-Man #3: Still my favorite of the comics I’ve been picking up, this series is really impeccably made. Miles’ conversations with his friend are charming and legitimately funny, and they’re really taking their time with the character. This isn’t a kid that thinks his newfound powers are cool and fun. He’s terrified. Even when we see him using his powers for good-natured heroism, he’s scared sick. They’re showing that he does the right thing just because it’s the right thing, but he’s really not ready for the responsibility yet. There’s a great line in this issue, in which he misunderstands heroism. He thinks the “real” Spider-Man just does this stuff because he likes getting shot at. They’re really slowly building to him understanding that heroism is about pushing past that, and they end on a cliffhanger that is very obviously leading towards him donning the suit. Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic.

Batgirl #2: I liked the first one enough to pick up the second issue, based mainly on the cliffhanger conclusion. I have to say that so far, this isn’t a book that I love every moment of, but they finish really strong every time. This edition revealed Mirror’s motivations, and there’s some really interesting pathos there. I’m not sure if I’ll pick up #3, but the comic shop tends to have good deals, so if I’m picking up something else I might as well get the discount.

Batman & Robin #1, 2: Bryan recommended this book to me, and the second one was out, so I picked it up along with the first issue. I know there are a lot of ways to interpret Batman, from the fun kitschy Brave and the Bold stuff to the darker Nolanverse. So I hesitate to say one book gets the “tone” better than another. But as someone who has freshly dipped his toes in each of the Batman books (not everything in the Batman family, mind you), this one is my favorite. Damien adds an interesting dynamic to both Batman and Bruce Wayne, and it feels like they’re exploring the character without gimmicks like the face-cutting villain of Detective Comics or Dark Knight’s “One-Face.” (Both twists are still dumb, by the way). The main Batman comic, simply titled Batman, is a close second. I suppose I just like my Batman books to be pure, and the hooks they put in the others didn’t really appeal to me.

  • This game compilation of sorts sounds all kinds of crazy and awesome at once.
  • Putting aside the whole sky is falling thing, it’s interesting how Gabe Newell figures Apple is getting ready to angle their way into the console biz.

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