On Starfire and sexism

It’s a late night, and all is quiet. I’m preparing for my wife’s birthday, so today consisted of wrapping and planning. So I’ll mostly just skip straight to some stories.

First, though, let me highly recommend this editorial on the problem with so-called “sexually liberated” comic book females. It’s a few weeks old, but it really brings up a lot of the points I was talking about last night with my friend Bryan. It’s just a different, slightly masked form of male fantasy, and ComicsAlliance editor Laura Hudson explains it all excellently. Even if you haven’t heard about the various controversies with the New 52, it’s definitely worth a read.

  • Speaking of comic femme fatales, this Catwoman story kicked up some attention today. I don’t know if it was controversial per se; most people seemed to just shrug it off and call it fair. I saw a few outlets pointing out that it’s single-player content, and that’s a fair point, but it just didn’t seem to raise anyone’s dander. Between this, the mounds of already-announced DLC, and the crazy-complicated pre-order bonuses, it’s funny how many things that would ordinarily send the Internet hordes screaming are going by without a hitch. My guess is Arkham Asylum just earned Rocksteady a ton of good will.
  • Two DC hero stories in one day? Crazy! But seriously, Superman deserves a good game, so here’s hoping this is it. Odd that DC isn’t tying it into the New 52 though.
  • The new South Park game mainly reminded me of how hilarious-slash-effed-up that Scott Tenorman episode is. Also, that thing aired ten years ago? Way to make me feel old.

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