NYCC Trailerpalooza

New York Comic-Con isn’t exactly a video game show per se, but as the lines blur in geek culture, we get plenty of game news out of it. That includes new trailers, so today was actually pretty flooded with them. Two of my stories were trailer-focused, and that wasn’t even all of the leads.

I’d like to go to NYCC sometime. It tends to fall a bit close to my wife’s birthday, on the weekends we’d be celebrating. Maybe sometime it will fall on the weekend before or after, and we can make a trip over to be surrounded by sweaty nerds.

  • High-fiving is a bit dude-bro in general, but high-fiving over a dead body is just hilariously wrong.
  • Between Arkham City’s reviews coming out today and this trailer, I’m cursing the cruel hand of time for making me wait until Tuesday.
  • This Final Fantasy XIII-2 trailer is seven minutes long, and it took my most of the morning to download it and then upload it to our Shack servers. But it is… uh, comprehensive.

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