Waiting for Batman

Sometimes I think through my whole blog post, maybe even write up the entire thing, and then make a title that encapsulates the spirit of it. Other times, I just slap up something because the reference sounded funny to me. Guess which one this is.

As much flak as gamejournos get for acting as glorified advertisers for games, that’s really a symptom of enthusiasm. We need to keep our enthusiasm in check and make sure it doesn’t color our perceptions or our ability to serve our readers, but at least the source is pure. With that in mind, I don’t often get the anticipation bug like I am for Arkham City. It will arrive tomorrow, and I’ve already made sure my schedule is (relatively) clear so I can dive into it. I have a few freelance bits on the docket, but I can do those while we watch Survivor or whatever. From the time I get done writing for Shack, I’m free to play.

Speaking of Batman, it’s looking like a heavy comic week. Looking up the week’s releases via ComicList is becoming a tradition in itself, and this week has both Batman and Wonder Woman #2s. I’ll definitely pick those up, but I’m curious to grab Justice League and Nightwing as well. Luckily my store has a B1G1-half-off deal on the #2s, so that should ease the burden. That’s also the day my hardcover Arkham City trade should arrive, so that day is going to have a lot of comic reading going on.


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