NCW and Walking Dead

It’s Wednesday again, which means new comics and apparently torrential downpour. This is the second New Comic Wednesday in which I had to protect my new purchases from the wet weather. I suppose clouds hate my comic habit.

Nightwing #2: Meh. I like the idea of Nightwing. A grown Robin with some of Batman’s skills and a bit of a cavalier attitude sounds great in theory. But the villain was a bit dull and I didn’t care that much about the story. I think I’ll pass from here on out, but hey, good for you Nightwing. Keep on, uh, doing what you’re doing.

Justice League #2: I hadn’t picked up #1, but I wanted to try this out. I think it will be a regular pick-up, since it’s just a lot of fun watching the various heroes play off each other. Especially since, thanks to the New 52 reboot, they don’t really know each other that much. Batman has a particularly good line when all the “super” heroes are comparing powers. This is also a pretty thick book; it seemed bigger than most to justify the extra buck.

Wonder Woman #2: Great. The art is a little uneven in this book, because Wonder Woman’s jaw turns from feminine to what-the-heck from panel to panel, especially during fight scenes. But I continue to be a sucker for the mythology and for WW being a badass. Unfortunately, the “twist” end was spoiled a bit for me from reading it on the internet and not realizing it was supposed to be a spoiler.

Batman #2: I still think I like Batman & Robin best from what I’ve read so far, but this was a strong follow-up. I liked this issue more than the first one, especially Batman’s speech in the last spread. Also, just great art.

I finally watched The Walking Dead S2 premiere tonight. Some odd pacing issues aside, it was a good episode to set the stage for this season. And I did not see that ending coming. At all.

  • As someone who has only recently and casually gotten into Madden, NFL Blitz looks really fun.
  • I’m pretty happy with this GTA3 retrospective story. The interview itself was alright, but I like to think I pulled the most interesting bit for my story.

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