Professor Layton and the Last Specter first impressions

I picked up the new Professor Layton game yesterday, and I’m only about five puzzles in. So far it’s as charming as ever, and the puzzles are well-designed. Layton games are Layton games, and as long as they don’t terribly break it you know you’re getting something good. I’m only a few minutes into London Life too, but it’s just adorable.

The opening scene actually shows a giant ghost ripping through the city and smashing buildings. Every Layton game has a sudden, bizarre, unbelievable twist that I’ve nicknamed the “lolwut moment.” I can’t wait to see how they explain this one away.

I know this is coming later (and shorter) than usual. Blame Batman.

  • I’m not sure who I’d favor to play Ezio in an Assassin’s Creed movie. Probably some actual Italian actor that I don’t know.
  • We already knew Battlefield 3 is coming on two discs, but I have to say that offering the second disc as a sort of upgrade texture pack is a unique way to do it. I sort of wonder how that will impact trade-ins. Will GameStop sell it for less if it’s only the first disc? Would you be able to upgrade with the “texture pack” via digital download?
  • I liked the Peer Review DLC for what it was, but it didn’t have much in terms of new content. So an avenue to streams of user-created levels sounds perfect.

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