Hallow Een

Tomorrow is our annual Halloween party and my costume is constructed, so all that’s left to do is shave my beard. Very few characters have beards, so shaving is basically an annual tradition. It’s weird feeling air on my face for a while, but I commit to my costumes.

Nina hates it, though; she thinks I look like a stranger for a while. And she used to hate my facial hair. Who’s laughing now?

Probably still her.

  • Laugh if you must, but I like the Mario Kart series, and MK7 sounds pretty good. I can’t fault it for incremental upgrades when they only come out every 3-5 years.
  • I’m not going to lie; if I get frustrated enough with the Riddler stuff, I might go for this app. As some commenters point out, a $3 app with interactive elements is a smart way to update the tried and true strategy guide business.

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