Confirming the obvious

Hey guys, that multi-billion dollar series that we haven’t heard from in a few years? They’re making another one.

  • Good to be reminded that quality sometimes gets rewarded. I finished the game and currently I’m working on plumbing the depths of the Riddler challenges.
  • I usually give Nintendo a bit of slack since they have so many great franchises and a long legacy of quality. That said, I do not like this Circle Pad dongle. It splits the market at best, looks pretty ugly in itself, and implies an impending hardware revision. I don’t want one, but I feel like eventually I may be shut out of some experience by not having one. That’s not a good thing to stick on your loyal early adopters. On a semi-related note, how is it that they still haven’t outlined a roll-out plan for the Ambassador GBA games?
  • I’m pretty proud of writing this entire story, which revolves completely around graphics, without using the word “graphics.” I’m not sure why, but something about the word makes me think of cheesy 90s-era game journalism. I don’t mind it when I’m reading a piece, but when it comes to writing it I always picture this:


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