New Comic Wednesday: Of two minds, two times

New Comic Wednesday makes for a nice blog post. I always know what I’m going to talk about as soon as the day starts! This was a strange week for comics; I picked up just two new books and I’m of two minds about both of them. Let’s-a go.

Batman: The Dark Knight #2: I’m not sure whether I blogged about this, but TDK#1 was a mixed bag for me too. Great art, an interesting story, a fun script, and then that twist at the end. Oh dear. It was so incredibly stupid that it overshadowed the rest of the book. But generally, with finding new comics, I’ve adopted a “try it twice” policy. That is to say, if I see some potential I’ll give it another shot.

Now this issue comes out. Same thing. Great art and a lot of fun cameos from the Bat family. Stuff in Gotham is getting crazy and the middle of the book does a great job expressing that. Then we reach the last page, where not only is there a dumb twist, but the exact same dumb twist. Now I have to weigh if these great comics are worth their totally stupid endings.

All-Star Western #1, 2: This was like a case of whiplash in book form. I had heard so many sparkling things about ASW#1 that I figured I’d pick up both to catch up before diving into the second. And those were all true. The first issue is just crackling with creativity and wit, with a really unique approach to the art and a lot of fun references to DC lore. When I opened up the second issue, I was sold and totally on-board. Then the second issue happened.

Now to be fair, the whole secret society motif is still fun, and the relationship between Arkham and Hex is great. But the dialogue between this society of villains was just needlessly obtuse and overcrowded, and the art was such a huge dip in quality I went back and checked the covers to see if it was the same people. I’ll probably pick up #3, but here’s hoping it’s more like the first than the second.

  • I like the Metal Gear Solid series, but never got through MGS3. Maybe I should give it another shot in HD.
  • The Street Fighter/Tekken crossover concept is cool, and it’s interesting that they’re keeping the dev cycles separate to let each product breathe on its own, but I can’t help but wonder if the Namco version is too far out. We might even be moving into next-gen by 2013.

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