Replay value and Batman

I finished Batman: Arkham City a few days ago, and yet I’m still playing the crap out of it. I’ve finished all the side-quests, collected all of the Riddler trophies and riddles (as Batman, at least), done most of the combat medals, and gotten not half bad at the combat system. Good enough to three-star a few of the Challenge Rooms at any rate. I haven’t even started a New Game + yet, but I might save that for sometime when my playlist slows down again.

This is a pretty long game to start with, and I’m not usually one for collectibles. I suppose that’s really the trick of replay value. You have to like the game enough to want to keep going through it. I’m not collecting the Riddler tokens because I really want to punch Riddler in the face — though that’s a factor too. I’m collecting them because I like being in the world and I keep wanting to go back.

  • Luigi seems like kind of obvious news, but I did like the gameplay video. Showed lots of nifty shenanigans happening.
  • About time Sony made an honest woman of Ericsson. They liked it, so they finally put a ring on it.

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