Mathematical satisfaction

I finished my first bit of NaNoWriMo today, fleshing out an idea. I already have a few vague ideas of where the story is going to go, but how that actually fleshes out with all of the characters will remain to be seen. I’m trying to keep this pretty loose instead of planning out every little plot movement, because I know that sort of planning has made my short stories a bit stilted in the past. I have a few characters and a scenario in place, so I’m going to see where that goes.

It’s really satisfying completing a day’s work on the project, so I can only imagine that when I’m finished and actually have an entire 50,000 word novel on my hands, it will be that much more satisfying. Mathematically, the finished project should be 30x more satisfying than tonight alone, but it might stack on itself.

I haven’t done a lot of long-form writing, at least not on this massive scale, so I’m trying to create enough threads and characters that it can all extend to that length organically. I know some writers just throw insane plot twists in to extend the story but I’m trying to make something I can actually work with after I’m done and maybe even refine into something I’d want to send to publishers. You never know.

I did all of tonight in one sitting too, but I think I’ll break it up from now on. It’s tough to make it all happen at once, so I think walking away for a few hours will help.

Tomorrow’s NCW, but expect this week to be light. Action Comics is really the only new thing that looks worth picking up, though Bryan has advised me that this Flash run is good enough to check out too. I’ll see if any back issues are still on the shelf.

I had a 1UP piece set for today, but I think it got pushed back a bit. I’ll update here when it goes up.

That Once Upon a Time show is pretty good. It definitely takes its notes from the Disney villains, with a few darker twists here and there. I’m mostly interested by the hook that the fairy tale characters don’t remember who they are. That brings a fun dynamic to it, along with trying to guess who’s who.

  • I was terrible at MvC3, so UMvC3 doesn’t really impact me. I can see how people might be upset at the timing, but one friend said Rocket Raccoon convinced him, so pick a cliche: [different strokes for different folks / there’s a sucker born every minute.]
  • This new trailer really shows off how great the cutscenes look with the improved textures in Halo Anniversary.

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