NCW, DC happenings, and GTAV

Today was a light NCW, mixed in with some other interesting and big things. As a result, I’m expecting this post to be on the long side. Strap in, kids!

Action Comics #3: Easily one of the best of the New 52, this issue was interesting for being an ostensible Superman book that featured hardly any Superman. It was mainly about Clark and featured a ton of dialogue. This is what’s made Ultimate Spider-Man one of my favorite books lately; devoting a lot of time to these characters just makes them more relatable and interesting. They had some great subtle commentary about business wielding the media like a weapon, and it ended with a nice cliffhanger that merged two of the mounting threats.

Flash #1, 2: Bryan recommended this book to me, and I’m impressed. I can’t say I understand all the plot happenings, since it feels like I jumped into the middle a bit. But the second issue explores his powers in a new way that gives him a lot more potential than simply “the fast guy.” It’s also among the best art of the New 52, so I’ll probably at least try out the next few issues to see where this arc goes.

Nightwing DLC: It’s not bad! I don’t have a lot of time to play around with it, but I tried one combat map and one predator map. He controls significantly differently enough and comes with some of his own gadgets, so right on. Andrew from Shack is right to point out that some voice acting would’ve been nice.

DCUO: Free now again, I guess. I have to pick a hero to make and try to get into it again. I was pretty hard on the beta, but maybe they’ve ironed out the kinks.

GTAV: The trailer went live today, and it looked essentially like the last several GTAs. A friend pointed out that the “that line of work” line may have been a red herring, but even so, I’m skeptical that Rockstar can make a reasonable progression from anyone — banker or former criminal — into someone who is perfectly okay with killing for money. The game looks prettier than I would’ve expected from an open world game, but I was hoping for a more daring narrative hook. Maybe they just didn’t want to come out swinging with what sets this one apart.

A cat ran into our apartment tonight. I had heard noises outside so I opened the door to check, and it darted inside. Apparently it was from downstairs, and it made it halfway across the floor before pausing and looking around as if it noticed that this was not the right one. Luckily it was a tame one, so no scratches or bites as we returned it to its owners.

My Top 5 Non-Troversies feature went up today. Give it a read.

  • I’m skeptical, but Sony has at least thought up specific gaming applications for its biometric device, so that’s already one step up on Nintendo’s Vitality Sensor.
  • The GTAV trailer, if you somehow missed it.
  • I don’t particularly love doing Angry Birds stories, because I don’t particularly love Angry Birds, but this story was notable specifically because it showed a clear line of their downloads speeding up. It’s a damn perpetual motion machine.
  • Never played Sonic CD, but it’s good to know that when I get the opportunity to soon I’ll have a little bonus on top of the original content.

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