Return of the Night Notes

It’s a Friday and already pretty late, so I’ll skip right to the story round-up.

But first! I know it’s just a target, but ho-lee cow. I’m more excited about the potential gameplay intricacies than the visuals, but either way.

  • Remember when free Facebook tie-in games were all the rage? Now it’s iPhone games apparently.
  • I can’t blame Ubisoft for holding onto its property, and if it fronted a  lot of the money I’m not seeing what the Hollywood elite are really complaining about.
  • I liked, but didn’t love, Alan Wake. I did, however, love their Twilight Zone parody episodes of Night Springs. I’m hoping the fact that the rumored subtitle is Night Springs means we’ll get more of that tone in the Alan Wake sequel.
  • I had so many great Lego jokes in mind for this story. Then I got to the part of the press release that talked about job losses and it seemed like that would be in bad taste.

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