Super Mario 3D Land first impressions

I got my shiny new Mario 3DS yesterday, by picking it up at a physical store. No offense, Amazon, but you can’t deliver on Sundays. We still bros, right?

Anyway, it’s such a charming little delight of a game. If someone just had explained to me that it would be Super Mario Bros and Super Mario Bros 3 as put through a filter of Super Mario Galaxy, I’m not sure how I would feel about that. I might have some trepidation, because that sounds like an absolute bloody train wreck.

Oh me of little faith.

It works perfectly, and toys with retro-nostalgia and the mechanically solid 3D “stages” that the Galaxy games. Both games relied a lot on barraging you with a ton of one-shot concepts that would be iterated on endlessly in one stage and then never again. Though the first world starts a bit slow and easy, I’m in World 4 now and it’s really hitting its stride. Each stage is a breath of fresh air and completely unlike the one before it.

More so, this is actually the first game I’ve wanted to play in 3D all the time, because it simply looks better. Plus, I want to take it with my to collect Mystery Boxes. I just hope other players around will have some to trade.

  • We play a game every year with Nintendo. They make a special edition system, and we find out about it, and they play coy, and then the Monday before Thanksgiving they’re like “hey surprise new system bundle!” It’s a quaint little holiday tradition.
  • I tried to inject a healthy dose of skepticism into Capcom’s claim that it wouldn’t produce a disc-based revision for Street Fighter x Tekken. Harddrive-less 360s alone mean the company is bound to go for it, right?
  • Speaking of fighting game revisions: Elvis MODOK. That is all.
  • This news of separated Skyward Sword stages struck me as odd at first, but when I thought about it, it’s not that much different than it ever was. The games haven’t really had “open worlds.” More like a gigantic open field that serves as the hub. Now the hub is a city in the sky.

One thought on “Super Mario 3D Land first impressions

  1. In Zelda, it really is pretty similar to that. At least, so far…

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