Halo Anniversary first impressions

That’s right, it’s another first impressions post. Expect one later this week on Assassin’s Creed Revelations, and then one next week on Skyward Sword. It is the most wonderful time of the year.

I’ve never actually played all the way through the original Halo. I didn’t really “get” Halo until Halo 3, and going back to the original never felt right. Once it clicked, I felt like I really understood the pace and tone of the game, but I just didn’t feel inclined to go back.

Shallow as it may sound, the visual overhaul really does help. And switching between the old style and new one really accents how much better it looks now. The geometry still seems a little simplistic in places, but the textures do a good job of hiding it. The gameplay is as solid as ever, and this time I knew to turn it to Heroic from the start. Having a little experience makes that opening stage feel extremely badass, as Chief rolls around taking down Covenant left and right. Which is, you know, how that opener should feel.

I’m not a dictionary of Halo lore, but it seems like some things have been ret-conned. Chief and Cortana talk like they’ve known each other a long time, when I thought Reach established that she had just been discovered and taken to the Pillar of Autumn. And she references that she used to have fingers? Like she was a human? And she’s referred to simply as a shipboard AI instead of this incredibly important relic that’s the key to everything.

There might be some explanation for all this. I’m willing to just chalk it up to the story team expanding the fiction as they go. I’m okay with that.

Apparently today was the 10th anniversary of the Xbox. You can read our collective thoughts over at Shack.

And I’ve officially hit the halfway point in NaNoWriMo. If nothing else, this is the point of no return, because it would be downright stupid to go this far and then not finish it.

  • I don’t mind running Skyrim off the disc, but it will be nice to get that patch so I can have it installed and get the good textures. I actually think I need to swear off of it for a little while; I intended to play it for a few minutes last night and it ended up dominating my gaming time. This is a busy season for games, and if I keep going down that path I’ll never finish anything else.
  • Today was an odd time for COD Elite. Their tweet seemed pretty open-and-shut, but then the denial came. I suppose I’ll just take them at their (most recent) word.

One thought on “Halo Anniversary first impressions

  1. chrissb says:

    Nice post regarding Halo: CEA. Just a small thing I wanted to point out; all of the dialogue between the Chief and Cortana is the same as it was in the original. The first game assumed that they knew each other before the game’s story, then Reach did the retconning just recently.

    Otherwise a good post.
    You can also check out my basic review of Halo: Anniversary here: http://www.talkingabouttech.com/?p=141


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