NCW: Wonder Woman fails at Wonder Woman

Another Wednesday, another batch of comics. One of the highlights of my week, really. This week was odd, because the juxtaposition of two comics made for an unexpected observation.

Wonder Woman #3: On the whole this was a pretty dull issue. My tastes in comics tend to favor sharp dialogue over big action scenes, but some action will do in a pinch. This one didn’t really have either. The dialogue is usually a lot more clever and interesting, and this felt like a lot of necessary exposition. We needed WW to leave her home, so this comic got us there. In pretty much the most awkward and uninteresting way possible. Still, as a tent-pole to get us where we need to be, it sets up interesting enough stakes for the next issue.

Batman #3: Though I prefer the Bruce/Damien dynamic, this may be the best of the plain-vanilla “Batman” books so far. He had a really great fight scene at the opener, some nice detective work monologue, and the primary threat of this arc has been fleshed out enough to feel like a credible threat. It feels like they’re setting up a diametric opposite to Bats in a way that they haven’t quite done before, and all the best Batman villains are inverted versions of himself in some way.

Justice League #3: This is what I was referring to in my title. The JL comic this week actually had much more interesting Wonder Woman dialogue than the actual comic called “Wonder Woman.” It was her introduction to the League, which provided some amusing moments. This was basically one gigantic fight scene, but they managed to squeeze in some crackling dialogue as well, along with a great button at the end. My one complaint is that Cyborg’s origin story felt a bit shoehorned in and broke up the pacing, but it didn’t detract too much.

  • I respect Will Wright a lot. His next venture sounds totally insane. Kind of Big-Brother creepy, but super-ambitious in a way that only someone like him could conjure up.
  • Skyrim might go down as this year’s surprise success. Not surprising in its critical response — it had a good buzz before launch — but I’m not sure anyone expected it to totally blow up like this. Apparently it’s topping a lot of metrics on various sites to boot. People like good RPGs. And I stand by my position that a snowy world to explore makes the perfect Christmas gift.
  • If you want the Sly Collection, buy the disc. Save ten bucks.

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