Skyward Sword first impressions

I got in an hour or so with The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword last night. Ordinarily an hour would cover your first dungeon, but not Skyward Sword! No. I’ve confronted a school bully, chased a snitch, spent quality time with Zelda, rescued a raccoon-cat, and swung my sword at some bats.

But yeah, it took a solid 30-45 minutes before I got my sword.

Suffice it to say it opens a tad on the slow side. That said, the extra time gives you a little more focus on Link and Zelda’s relationship. It’s actually very sweet, and they give it a nice tone in only a short amount of time with minimal dialogue. Zelda is the only one who talks, but the facial animations are really expressive.

Once the game does start breaking out nostalgia, it’s flying left and right. Prequels are always fun for their ability to play around with the mythos, and this one introduces the Master Sword and the reasoning for Link’s traditional garb within ten minutes of each other.

I figure I’ll get more time in tonight, maybe actually go to a dungeon. But so far, I’m enjoying it despite the sluggishness.


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