Everything’s coming up Milhouse

You ever have one of those days that your pitches seem to go off without a hitch and personal things work out for the best? Those are rare, but much appreciated. It’s an Everything’s Coming Up Milhouse kind of day.

It’s been shocking seeing these Muppets reviews stacking up. When it was 8 or 10 reviews at 100%, I was cautiously optimistic. Then it became 20, then 35. Current tally is at 58, and not a single one has been negative. I could be setting myself up for a massive amount of disappointment, but here’s hoping it lives up to that level of hype. The mop-puppets deserve it.

  • So that footage from two years ago was legit. Remember that? No? Well it was fo’ reals.
  • Miyamoto is pretty blunt about how little innovation is in this next Mario Kart. That might be why I’m not super-psyched for it. I’ll probably ask for it for Christmas, but it’s not a day-one purchase for me. “More Mario Kart” is reliable, but not something I need to get right away.

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