Muppets, NCW, and giving thanks

We went and saw the Muppets tonight, and it was an absolute joy. It was sincere, funny, cute, and touching without resorting to being sappy. I was afraid it couldn’t live up to the hype after seeing all the critical success, but it really did. So thank you, Jason Segel, for getting what the Muppets are supposed to be.

Also, New Comic Wednesday! Let’s dig right into this. But first: thanks, Bryan Carr, for getting me into comics. After years of prodding, I finally fell in, so thanks for the shoves.

Invincible Iron Man #510 – I like Iron Man and I’ve wanted to try this book out, and Bryan said this week might be a good time to give it a try now that a major arc just ended. It had some good banter and clever set-ups, even if the whole Mandarin / Zeke Stane thing is a bit above my head. I’m not entirely decided if I’ll give it another try, but it certainly wasn’t the worst of this week’s picks.

Batman: The Dark Knight #3 – This was! And to be honest I’m not surprised. I had decided to give this book one more shot after two frustrating issues. Both so far had been entertaining throughout but included incredibly stupid twists. This issue didn’t have a stupid twist ending — or any twist ending at all, really. It just kind of hung. But rather than being entertaining through most of the book, it was just kind of dull. Even a Flash cameo was pretty much wasted. He just checked in to say hi and complain about hurting his thumb. Yes, seriously. Also, the resolution of last week’s twist was a little too familiar for reasons I won’t go into. Plus, the “White Rabbit” lingerie model is just obnoxiously sexualized and not an interesting villain. However, there was one great line, when a cop asked if Batman was protecting Bruce Wayne. His reply: “Bruce Wayne means nothing to me. I’m Batman with or without him.” Yes.

Flash #3 – Best of the week. They’re iterating on Flash’s powers in a lot of really interesting ways, and his character had a nice moment of determination to save everybody. It’s this impossible task, and he’s only human, but it’s kind of nice. He’s got a bit of Superman’s boy-scout qualities, but without the alien-kindly-couple backstory. Plus, the cliffhanger ending relies on human drama instead of a cheap twist. It’s got some of the best art out there, with some really creative paneling. I’m fairly new to the character, but I’m really enjoying it.

All-Star Western #3 – I think this series is suffering from stuffing a bit too much plot into it. The book is dense, and they aren’t taking their time, and the art isn’t exactly clear on what’s what in some panels. The first issue blew me away, and the second took a serious nosedive. This one recovers some of its artistic merit despite some ugly panels, but the story just isn’t grabbing me right now.

And now, today’s video game stories. So it’s appropriate now to say thanks, Garnett Lee, for being a great editor and encouraging voice as I’ve become more involved in game journalism this year.

  • My mixed thoughts on FFXIII are well-documented, but I want to try the sequel. This trailer actually got me kind of excited, based on how absolutely bat-poop gonzo crazy it is. It’s hyper-melodrama and proud of it.
  • Inside baseball talk about Max Payne 3.
  • I can’t wait to hardly ever use the Join Game feature on the 3DS.

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