Old Comic Friday

I didn’t actively work today, but a few of my pieces went up on Shacknews. And since this blog is meant to chronicle my writings all in one convenient place, I figured I should give a quick update.

But I usually ramble about something unrelated first, so this time it will be Old Comic Friday. My local comic shop was having a nice Black Friday sale, and though I’ve already bought all the new I wanted this week, I thought I’d support them and pick up a couple of others on the cheap. So I looked through the back issues and bought the New 52 intros to a few I had missed.

Aquaman #1 – I can see why everyone was raving about this book. It did a lot to address the stereotypes about the character, little in-jokes, etc. I’m not sure if that’s enough to sustain an entire book, but it was a really fun first entry and just a nice issue by itself.

Superman #1 – I heard mixed things about this, but I rather liked it. All of the character development bits were interesting takes on the world with a few new wrinkles on the old Superman stories. I’d say the one weak point was the “monster” — it seemed like the first issue should’ve dealt with a larger or more recognizable threat than just some Kryptonian fire something-something.

I also grabbed Rayman Origins today, but I might not get to it for a while. Now that I’ve stockpiled my games, I’m trying to get through some before moving on into others. I probably have 10 on my shelf to finish, not counting digital downloads, so if I tried to dip a toe in all of them it’d just be impossible. At the moment I’m working most on Assassin’s Creed Revelations, particularly since it’s a rental.

As for my articles that went up today, we all contributed our Holiday Guides with a little twist on how to arrange them this year. Plus for a little bit of content on a slow news day I came up with and wrote the Gaming Leftovers piece. If you’re curious for more picks, Indie Jeff chimed in with some additional indie choices.


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