Pandora ruins all the worst Christmas songs

With sincerest apologies to my friends and former co-workers in radio, I think it’s not all that ground-breaking to say that mobile devices are killing the format. Or at least maiming it. When it was just iPods and listening to your own music, that was damaging enough. Now that iPhones and streaming 3G is a thing, that extends to services like Pandora and Spotify.

Which is not to mention podcasts, which is most of what I listen to these days. I never got the appeal of talk radio, and now I’m all about it.

At any rate, it’s a yearly tradition that at Christmas time, you listen to the holiday radio stations. And at least once, you’ll get the terrible Christmas songs. Songs like Christmas Shoes that are just so bad you revel in it. I used to feel offended by how utterly stupid and pandering that song is, but now I’m just amused. I laugh and I sing along with all the faux-deep-throated bravado that the lead vocalist infuses it with. It’s not just a crappy, pretentious song. It’s a tradition.

But with Pandora, you don’t really get that. Their holiday stations seem to avoid that song, and all of my beloved crappy Christmas melodies. No Christmas Shoes. No Crabs for Christmas. No Christmas Eve in Washington. Those last two are a bit more regional, if you don’t recognize the names.

I could turn on the terrestrial radio to catch them, but they’re unpredictable. The nature of the beast is just finding them organically. And I could pull them up by inputting incredibly specific search terms on Pandora, but that ruins the “surprise in the moment” nature of it.

Any other favorite crappy Christmas songs? Reply to me here or on Twitter (@sporkyreeve). I’m particularly curious if other regions have their own geographically-specific crap.

  • This unofficial Skyrim app actually sounds pretty cool, so I might pick it up. I want to venture back into the land again once my gaming schedule clears up a bit, so it sounds like this would help.
  • I actually didn’t realize that Mario Kart 7 aims for 60 FPS. Considering it’s 3D, that’s pretty cool.
  • My favorite part of this Dante’s Inferno sequel rumor is how the guy who spilled the beans did it so blatantly.
  • Speaking of frank honesty, I like how the lead writer for Mass Effect 3 is being pretty open about how they backed themselves in a corner with that final mission. The branches in ME3 will be either underwhelming, or so complex you would need a flowchart for each character to figure it out.

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