NaNoWriMo: The End

I finished my first NaNoWriMo tonight, and “won” it. I sort of jumped in with both feet without a lot of forethought, but that kept me on my toes. I’ve always wanted to write a novel, but it always seemed pretty daunting. Apparently the solution to that hesitation is to just do it already you coward. That’s really the main thing that NaNoWriMo offers: motivation, and a lack of excuses. You commit to it and you do it.

I’m proud to say that my story is actually a cohesive, workable, complete thing. I’m sure there are a few plot holes and problems to fix, and hopefully I catch them during the revision process. What I mean is that I didn’t run out of plot and throw in something crazy to keep it going. Those suggestions are great, but they turn it into more of a writing exercise to get people in the habit of writing every day. I already write every day, so I was focused more on making a workable story from beginning to end.

Surprisingly, it turned out near the end that I wanted to leave a few plot threads unresolved. I like these characters and I want to do more with them. Now I can make a sequel, someday. As a result, this novel actually ends in a bit of a grim place. Maybe I finished a little darker than I intended.

Now to stop thinking about it for a month. I saw a few tweets suggesting we take a December-long break and then start revisions in January, so I think that’s what I’ll do. The rest will help me get it out of my head for a while so I can come with fresh eyes later.

On a completely different note, we received word today that GamePro — both the magazine and Web site iterations — are being canceled as of next Monday. I’ve said it on Twitter and individually to a few people, but I’m really sorry to see it go. The people working there were great writers and made some amazing strides in shifting the brand. Hoping everyone lands on their feet quickly.

It was also New Comic Wednesday, which is a bit of a misnomer since this week was so incredibly dead. But I wouldn’t want to miss out on a night of flipping through the pages of my beloved funnybooks, so I picked up a few copies of things that I thought looked interesting for one reason or another. Not all of these selections were actually interesting.

Superman #2, 3 – After trying out issue #1 last week for the Black Friday sale, I decided I wanted to try out more. I like the overall narrative thread this series is taking; it’s very monster-of-the-week, but they’re slowly drawing it together. Issue #3 was weaker than 2, thanks to a few groan-worthy puns in the former. But they hinted pretty blatantly that Brainiac is going to be in Action #4, so that’s something, right? I think I’ll follow this one through the first arc.

Justice League International – This premise seems so ironclad. Gather a bunch of the less-known superheroes and throw them together in an organization controlled by the UN. Bam. Heroes plus political intrigue. But it was so… boring. The token Green Lantern exited almost immediately, Booster Gold didn’t have enough bravado, and Batman was distinctly un-Batman-like. Talkative, unprepared, and oddly trusting. What a terrible waste of a decent concept.

  • Never mind! Guess I’ll wait a little longer to get back into Skyrim. I’m sure it’ll all be patched up eventually.
  • Frank O’Connor was apparently surprised that people were upset by Master Chief not being in Reach. In related news, I’m currently surprised because I didn’t know that. People were actually upset about it? Seriously?
  • I should probably finish Infinity Blade, since the sequel is coming tomorrow. Though to be honest, I probably won’t buy it at first. I’m sure a sale is coming and I have plenty on my plate already.

One thought on “NaNoWriMo: The End

  1. Scott Watts says:

    You can see Master Chief during the ending in Reach for a brief second.

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