Playing Taps

I was planning on finishing up Uncharted 3 this afternoon, but plans didn’t quite work out. I died and the game was reloading my save when the system shut off. Tried to turn it back on, got a yellow flash and then a blinking red light. This is what they call the yellow light of death, apparently pretty common among older units like mine.

Man, I wish I used that cloud save feature. I’m even a PS+ member, but I figured it was pointless since I don’t own two PS3s.

At any rate, reading forums paints a pretty grim picture. The hard drive is basically unrecoverable, which would mean my saved games are gone. The cost of a repair is over half the cost of just buying a new one, not counting shipping, and that can take several weeks. So now I’m trying to decide between repairing it, or shaving the cost with some trade-ins and just buying a new one.

I’ll wait until Sony customer service responds, but it’s not looking good for my poor little PS3. You served me well as both a game system and a Blu-Ray player, little guy.


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