On PlayStations and Hindsight

Last night, I was kicking myself for not using the readily available Cloud Save feature on the PS3. As a Plus subscriber, it was always there, and it would always ask if I wanted to use it, but I’d decline. It just seemed pointless until my PS3 went up in smoke.

Today, as I looked further into the issue, a few more problems occurred to me. There’s no way to auto-eject the disc on older models like mine, so Uncharted 3 (rental) might be lost forever. And the PS3 itself pairs its harddrive with the console itself. This isn’t so odd, except that there’s a panel to remove the drive. I seriously cannot, for the life of me, figure out why they would include a removable harddrive for a system that is expressly designed to nullify any reason you’d ever remove the harddrive.

So hindsight kind of works both ways.

Speaking of hindsight, Xenoblade Chronicles is coming to the US. I am almost certain it is going to do a big ol’ belly-flop in sales, thus proving that Nintendo’s hesitance was perfectly justified. Maybe I’m too much of a cynic, though.

Nina got me a NaNoWriMo present and it arrived today. It was a Lego Star Wars advent calendar, which is adorable. Her reasoning was that NaNoWriMo was slowly chipping away at something every day to build a completed novel, and so she got me a little fun daily diversion that does the same thing. My point is my wife is awesome.


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