Mario Kart 7 first impressions

I got Mario Kart last night from GameFly, and being a Mario Kart fiend since the N64 days, I dove in. So far I’ve only played the 50cc versions of each of the new cups. I’d say the standout tracks are the Shy Guy in the first cup, both Wuhu Islands, and the new Bowser’s Castle.

Some tracks are a little weaker, and the starting line-up is pretty thin. I chose Toad because Toad’s m’boy, but I’d like to try out some other racers and all but the core group is sealed off.

I haven’t tried playing with the customization options, but it’s a nice touch. I will say I’m more impressed by the air/underwater stuff than I was led to think from some previews. It sounded like they barely made an impact, but I think the glider in particular can really mix up the strategy. If you can get the gust right it opens up new paths and lets you bypass whole sections of track. Plus I just really like the karts having this Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang thing going on.

I tried out the new Xbox dash tonight. It’s much faster. I don’t know if I like how Netflix is tucked away, but overall, thumbs-up.

  • I’m still extremely early in Skyward Sword, but glad I read this. I don’t mind the spoilers nearly so much as I mind the possibility of being stuck forever.
  • Time Ducks. That is all that needs to be said here.
  • Sometimes when you’re searching for a header image for a story, something magical happens and you find one so perfect it makes the story that much better for it. This story about Sazh in FF13-2 is one of those cases.

One thought on “Mario Kart 7 first impressions

  1. The glider and underwater stuff is neat, but I think it could be done better. I was disappointed when I tried to fly over a corner of a track, and it counted it as off-track, with Lakitu putting me down, costing me my rank and some coins. 😛

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