Spike TV VGAs

This year’s trailer-palooza is a few days away. I’ve covered it the last few years, but this time I’ve got other plans. I’ll be recording it and checking it out later, of course, but a little bit of me will miss the spectacle of watching it with a full news team. That’s partly because it’s such a bizarre tone-deaf spectacle that doesn’t really speak to the sensibilities of gamers.

This time Chuck (Zach Levi) is hosting, and he’s been saying the right things. At the same time, he’s beholden to the script written by other people, so we’ll see if his ambitions work out. I’d like to think it will, but I’m justifiably skeptical.

The real show isn’t the awards. These types of awards, all the contenders are on a pretty even keel so it’s hard to be too bothered by any winners. Maybe that’s just because I don’t personally give a lot of credence to award shows in general. But the emphasis of the show, even from the show’s producers, are the trailers. It’s easy enough to see just by looking at how the show will rush through a half-dozen awards on its way to commercial after showing 20 minutes of trailers.

From a newsy perspective, it’s nice that so many announcements are coming. Those should give us some fodder for the rest of the year, which can tend to be pretty dry sometimes.

  • I’m not sure we really need another Dead Rising, but… alright I guess?
  • Samurai & Dragons sounds a lot like Actraiser, so my interest is piqued. Too bad I need to buy a $250 device to have a chance to play it.
  • Holy cow.

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