The last spot

Our Game of the Year deliberations are due semi-soon at Shacknews. We’re using a weighted system from all of our picks to come up with the final list, and I’ve got my top four pinned down. Surprisingly, my toughest decision is turning out to be what’s going to be my number five.

I have it narrowed down to three contenders, and each of them are deserving. I doubt anyone would fight to be the #5 spot on one GOTY list from one staff member, but I want to make sure it accurately reflects how I feel about this year’s games.

On the bright side, I can always pick the others as honorable mentions to talk about their virtues afterwards.

Speaking of GOTY contenders, Bastion is getting free (or almost free) DLC. I’m definitely picking it up.

  • I didn’t hate Sonic 4 Ep1, but I waited until the price dropped it still felt a tad steep. I’m wondering how significant the changes in Episode 2 will be, now that it’s coming soon.
  • I hadn’t noticed until writing this story, but the Indie channel is pretty buried. I didn’t read how to find it; just went looking myself to investigate how easy it was. I got to it eventually, but it certainly wasn’t easy or intuitive to find.

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