VGAs and baby steps

The Spike Video Game Awards were this weekend, and while I didn’t see it live I did watch a recording afterwards so I could understand the surrounding discussion. It was inevitably met with angry tweets and bitter rants about how disrespectful it is to the hobby, and to an extent, they’re right. It doesn’t have the production value or class of the Oscars (or even the Emmys). It’s silly and dumb and some of the humor falls flat.

However, I felt a bit happier with this year than those past. Zachary Levi is a good choice for host, because he comes off as both genuinely geeky and charming. Even if his script was weak at times, you could tell he understood the references where sometimes Neil Patrick Harris didn’t. And sure, it was dumb to have the tea-bagging joke and the YouTube star, but Levi imbued it with a sense that he was a bit in on the joke.

The complaints about Felicia Day’s segments seemed particularly weird to me, since her silly stunts were for charity. It was unnecessary filler, and that time would’ve been better spent highlighting the actual award winners, but it’s hard to complain about her particular brand of quirk being used to highlight a great effort like Child’s Play.

So essentially what I’m saying is: this wasn’t a great event, and it wasn’t the respectful and dignified awards show people keep (unrealistically) asking for, but it was closer than last year to striking the right tone. And last year was closer than the year prior. They’re improving, slowly but surely, so I take that as a positive and look on the bright side.

As for the trailers, nothing particularly blew me away. BioShock Infinite looks unsurprisingly amazing. The Last of Us interests me purely based on Naughty Dog, but I’m not sure we need more zombies. Even if those aren’t “zombies” per se, they’re zombies. And I suppose Tony Hawk HD might make for a fun time; at least that series is getting a little more honest with what it needs to be nowadays.

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