Christmas comes (very slightly) early

The 3DS Ambassador program took a good long while to get going. The NES freebies were nice, but I had played all of the games I was actually interested in from that batch. Most of them more than once. I mean, let’s be honest; there’s a good reason I never played Yoshi on NES.

I’ve been trying to contact Nintendo for a few weeks to ask about the promised GBA games, but didn’t get an answer. I was starting to wonder if they flat-out forgot. That’s why today’s news was so welcome. That’s quite a line-up. I never actually finished Yoshi’s Island, and I haven’t played Kirby or Fire Emblem. Others that I have played like Minish Cap and Metroid Fusion, I’d gladly play again.

New Comic Wednesday!

Batman & Robin #4 – This book isn’t exactly plumbing new ground for Batman. The idea that his refusal to kill is sustaining the monsters he fights has been covered before. But, they are handling the dialogue sharply, and Robin adds a new wrinkle to it. It’s not about a villain trying to convince Batman, it’s about the villain being the opposing force with Damien caught in the middle. This was a dialogue heavy book, but it’s really good dialogue, and we still get to see Bruce making mistakes as a father. Great as usual.

The Strain #1 – I didn’t plan to get this, but it was a light week and trying it was only a buck. It’s very Walking Dead, and the coloring reminds me of Chew (the inking style is totally different). Not sure I’ll try it again, but it was well-written. Half-recommended?

  • Max Payne 3’s multiplayer sounds ambitious, but I wonder how many matches you can play before you’ve heard all of the voiced segues. 20? 30? It’s just an unavoidable problem since people play multiplayer a lot by definition. If you infuse story, people see the whole story repeat a few dozen times and they stop caring.
  • The words “Guild Capital Ships” stands out to me here.

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