Justified and abused puppies

So Bryan got me into Justified a while back, and season three is getting ready to start. I missed S2 since it was on as I was watching the first season on DVD, so I’ve been wanting to catch up. The Blu-Ray of the second season finally just came out, but I’m waiting to see if I happen to get it from Santa.

Meanwhile, FX just began rerunning them at the wee hours of the night. I had set my DVR to record them just in case this happened, but mostly it was season one until last night. Today S2 episodes began popping up, so I checked out the first one before dozing off to a long winter’s nap — most likely due to this cold.

I won’t go into Justified, for fear of spoilers and also simply because it’s a great show and I can leave it at that. But apparently, the time slot they’ve picked for these reruns (2 am – 5 am) also happens to be the time slot that they show that sad commercial with the malnourished and beaten puppies and kittens. I can fast-forward with my DVR, but that doesn’t make it less depressing. More like rapid-fire depressing.

Raylan should find the people who abused those animals and give them what-for.

  • I keep telling myself I’ll get back to Skyrim, but this season is just so overpacked with games it’s hard to actually follow through. The 1.3 patch might be enough to tempt me back, since before I could justify it by thinking the game hadn’t been patched yet.
  • I didn’t love Alan Wake, but it had a deliberate pace that was different from the norm. Making it more kickass-booya-action sounds like a misstep, but maybe my tune will change when I see it for myself.
  • It’s either funny or sad that CD Projekt Red had to tell pirates, “hey guys, we hate DRM but that’s not saying you’re just allowed to steal our stuff.”
  • I previously mentioned that the combat in FF13-2 looks pretty much the same as the first game, but the addition of monster recruiting might just be a significant enough wrinkle to feel really fresh.

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