Crafting mines

My Minecraft review went up today. The verdict? It can be incredibly frustrating, but that’s part of what makes it rewarding too. Check out the review for some more details. By which I mean, pretty much any details, since all I said there was a one-sentence summary.

Original title for this post? Mein Craft. C’mon, don’t pretend that’s not clever.

I’m working on another game for Shack now; not a review, but it should be up on Monday with some impressions. Plus, my first Escapist piece will be around sometime early next week. Shameless plugs!

  • I was sort of poking fun at the I Am Alive trailer for being super-mega-dusty. I didn’t mean to claim that it looks ugly, but that seems to be the take-away from most of our commenters. Ouch.
  • Huzzah!

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