Escapist culture

I submitted my first piece for The Escapist today, a serious little piece called You’re a War Criminal. The title is probably a bit more aggressive than I needed to make it, because I never actually argue that gamers are literally war criminals, but it was attention-catching.

Most of the time, I’d expect some people to react to a headline like that, or maybe give a passing skim before telling me I’m an idiot. Such is life as an internet writer. Next to my expectations, the comments section of the Escapist is a really nice surprise. I had a lot of genuine comments, intelligent and thoughtful responses, and the people who did disagree did so pretty respectfully. What’s more, they talked with the other commenters and came to a mutual understanding. What the heck?

Don’t get me wrong, other sites, I love you too. But I’ve had plenty of poor reactions to stories that aren’t nearly so hot-button, so this one caught me off-guard in a nice way. I should have another Escapist piece soon-ish.

  • The reasoning behind pulling Magneto from this DLC pack struck me as funny, partly because the offense is so blatant, and partly because the exact same thing happened six years ago in the source medium.
  • I’d like to try Star Wars TOR sometime, but my slate is too full and my computer too underpowered. Good to know that they’re keeping open options, at least.

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