Mega Man Blech

Apparently Capcom released Mega Man X on the iOS App Store yesterday, a stripped down version lacking a few features and apparently made much easier to support the lack of precision that comes with virtual pad controls. Plus you can apparently buy your way to upgrades. I think I can say without exaggeration that this is the most terrible thing to happen in the last decade.

I’m kidding! Mostly.

Mega Man X holds a very special place in my heart, and it’s strange to see the company that made it undermine the point of the game itself. It’s a game series very much centered around empowerment, and a few App clicks to the upgrade path just seems like it would suck all the fun out of it. Oh well. People can experience a hampered version if they’d like.

New comics!

Uncanny X-Force #19 – I picked this one up to support GeekSpeak friend Robbi Rodriguez. I have absolutely no idea what was happening, and I doubt I’ll keep up with it, but I did love Robbi’s art. He’s got a really unique style that’s immediately identifiable if you know his work.

Wonder Woman #4 – More classic Greek goodness. They’re really reveling in the personifications of characters like Strife and War, and I feel like this has to be setting up slowly for a bigger conflict. Also, WW herself has one extremely badass moment in the middle of the issue.

Batman #4 – This is my second-favorite of the Batman books, but man this issue was dull. I’d say it was the fault of too much dialogue, but I really like dialogue sometimes. The problem here was lack of suspense. By now the readers have seen enough to conclude that the Owl organization is real in some sense. This issue was probably 80% Bruce talking to Dick about how the Owls don’t exist. Seeing our hero being wrong for most of a book just isn’t interesting.

Justice League #4 – This is the precise opposite of this week’s Batman. Every issue of JL is just all non-stop action beats and snappy dialogue. After four issues, I almost wish it would calm it down for a minute or two and let us catch our breath, but then I know what I’m getting into here. It was enjoyable as always, but it’d be nice to see the League slow down and discuss strategy now that Darkseid has showed up. I think the most interesting interaction of the book was Superman being a bit less “boy scout” in a moral quandary with Flash.

Ultimate Spider Man #5 – This was the conclusion I’ve been waiting for since the book started, when the mantle becomes “official” for the new Spidey. It had a nice extended cameo with the Ultimates team, and I like how they put Miles under scrutiny over whether he deserved to wear the suit. It seemed a little contrived that a C-list villain took down heroes like Iron Man, but I’m willing to overlook that in service of the plot. Now with that out of the way, give us back Miles talking to Ganke, because that dialogue stands out as a lot more fun than most of the established superheroes. They served their part, now back to Miles’ story.

  • I brought this up a bit in the story itself, but I really am curious to see how BioWare would make an open-world, focused story. The two seem so divergent that games pick one or the other. How would you mix the two? Even Mass Effect, which is more open-ended than Dragon Age titles, is a pretty straight path with a few branches here and there.
  • I enjoyed this story, mostly because it let me use one of my favorite top images: Confused Sean Bean. (I still haven’t watched Game of Thrones, I just love that picture.)

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