Kirby Mass Attack first impressions

I got the latest Kirby title for Christmas a few days ago, and I’ve been playing it in-between family time. Kirby has really become Nintendo’s proving ground for off-the-wall concepts, like Canvas Curse and Epic Yarn. I’m not sure if the game is blowing me away quite like either of those, but I’m glad to see it’s continuing the fine tradition of Kirboddities.

For one thing, it’s stylus-controlled like Canvas Curse, but it’s an out-and-out platformer. Drawing paths is convenient for moving the large group of Kirbies at once, but for the most part you just direct your pink army to take down enemies by crowding them and push past obstacles with the combined weight of all of them.

I’m only in the first world, so I haven’t seen the higher-level challenges. This control scheme might not hold up once the action on-screen gets more frenetic. But for the time being, I’m enjoying yet another really cute Kirby romp with some fresh ideas behind pushing it into more than “another platformer” territory.

  • I played Siren in the first Borderlands, but just hearing Gearbox talk about combining skills got me excited again — even if I probably won’t use that class at all.
  • The 3DS “telethon” strikes me as kind of bizarre, but then I haven’t been paying too much attention to the offerings on the Nintendo Video service.

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