Is it weird to want Skylanders?

I’m a little disturbed by how much I’d like to try out Skylanders. It’s not targeted to my age group at all, but I’d like to at least try it. The sad thing is that I can’t try it out without actually buying it — it’s foolproof against rentals or demos. So I’m waiting for it to drop to $30 or so, and then I might give a whack at it.

I know this may be inviting myself down a rabbit hole from which I may never recover. I might just collect new toys endlessly. Near the end, when I’m holding a sandwich board begging for spare change to buy extra Skylanders, my friends will look back at this blog post and call it my first desperate cry for help.

I’ll regret nothing.

  • The weirdest thing about this Sonic 4 interview isn’t the strange presentation of a trailer inside the video, or the obvious put-on “commercial” aspect to it, but rather the Sega employee’s facial hair. Click on it. You’ll know what I mean.
  • Oh thank God. My Skylanders are safe.

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