A visit with the family

I just got back from a visit with the immediate family. Since they live in a separate state we tend to travel between Christmas and New Year’s to see them. I would have mentioned it here, but internet horror stories have taught me that only idiots actually tell people when they’re gone from their house. My in-laws were housesitting, but you know, still.

All went well. My sister has a new daughter who’s adorable, all the other kids are getting taller, and I taught some members to play Dominion with my new Cornucopia expansion. It was a good time all around. Now all that’s left is to say goodbye to this year and look forward to the next.

New year’s resolutions? I’d like to finish more books, and learn how to cook a greater swath of vegetarian recipes. I’m not vegetarian, but my wife is, so it’d be helpful to know how to make a better variety of deliciousness. I’ll check in on how well I’m doing with these resolutions next year, assuming we all haven’t died horribly.


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