Year of the Games: April 2011

I’m liking this series more and more. Too bad by its nature it can only sustain itself for 12 days.

Crysis 2 – Even on the Xbox 360, this was absolutely gorgeous and the suit gives a real sense of  empowerment. I hit a wall at one point and sent it back, but it was on sale at Best Buy a few weeks ago so I went for it. I’m looking forward to finishing it up.

Portal 2 – Easily one of my favorite games of the year. The puzzles were clever, the characters had feeling, the story was delivered with dialogue and subtle shifts in the environment. It also made GlaDOS more of a real character with depth and an arc, which I loved.

Mortal Kombat – I’ve been a bona fide Mortal Kombat skeptic. I think the series in general suffers from stiff controls and slid by for years on its gimmick before running out of steam. That said, this is the best of the series, and the best fighting game of the year. Its controls felt intentional and meticulous instead of molasses-slow, and the story mode really needs to influence other fighting games.

Outland – This was bandied as Metroid meets bullet hell, and I would’ve preferred a little more Metroid to it. The setting and visual style were impressive, but some boss battles were on the frustrating side. Maybe I just suck at bullet hell. At any rate, it’s too bad this fell victim to the PSN outage period, because it deserved some more attention.

Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection – The improved visuals were nice, but Square has milked FF4 quite enough. Let it go now, please.

Stay tuned tomorrow for May! Which was chock full of middling games, to be honest, but when you decide to be all-inclusive you take the wheat with the chafe.

  • Two more parts of my Top News series: 3DS/Vita launch and Duke Nukem.
  • The Lego games put me to sleep, but that is one badass teaser image. I’m more interested in the actual Lego sets than the game, though, to be honest.
  • I love writing Child’s Play stories. They always give me a fresh dose of faith in humanity. Way to go, gamers.
  • I have to wonder how Sony is going to react if these sales trends continue with the American Vita launch. Nintendo went with a huge price drop. Would Sony follow suit?

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