Year of the Games: June 2011

May was a strong month. June, not so much. Still, more than a few standout games released this month, so let’s get right to it.

Infamous 2 – This is only an incremental improvement on Infamous, so I felt a little mixed about having bought it. Still, it was a fun pass-time and not a bad game by any means. As opposed to…

Duke Nukem Forever – Mediocre at best. I didn’t jump on the bandwagon of vitriol surrounding this game, and I think my review is one of the nicer ones out there. But I pull no punches: this game was bad.

Legend of Zelda Ocarina 3DS – It’s a better-looking 3D version of one of the best games of all time. And, it’s the second time I’ve played through Ocarina all the way through, because this game doesn’t lend itself to replay like Link to the Past does.

Trenched – My favorite of Double Fine’s new experimental approach, this wasn’t just a layer of zany writing on top of RPG or adventure tropes. It blended genres in a fun, creative way, and building a mech to show off had a nice “check out my ride” appeal.

Child of Eden – A too-short game hampered by transparent attempts to extend the experience by forcing multiple level playthroughs. Gorgeous, but it was hard to justify the retail sticker. Then again, if I had Kinect maybe my opinion would differ.

Transformers Dark of the Moon – War for Cybertron was better. This game suffered the tragedy of quick turn-around times, and I expect Fall of Cybertron to be much improved with the additional time.

Over at Shacknews, we began our Game of the Year countdown. I already know the order, but I’ll never tell! Also, at some point my personal picks will show up. Xav’s went up today.

  • Mortal Kombat’s obsession with the letter “K” continues unabated.
  • I love the commenters threatening not to buy any more of Textron’s helicopters.

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