Year of the Games: July 2011

Onward, men. To battle and glory.

Bastion – One of my favorite games of the year at the time, and still holding onto that title. Bastion was a perfect little blend of classic hack-and-slash gameplay, gorgeous visuals, striking music, and a compelling story. Beautiful in every way, from start to finish.

From Dust – Despite a few annoying control issues, particularly in how absolutely stupid the followers can be, I have fond memories of this game. It had an interesting hook that you don’t see much, and that helps me overlook some imperfections.

NCAA Football 12 – I never really got the NCAA or Madden games until this one. Later in the year, when I picked up Madden, it was because I felt comfortable with the mechanics here.

Captain America: Super Soldier – Better than the average licensed game, but still not amazing. I do have to say they emulated the Arkham Asylum combat better than I would’ve expected.

Tomorrow, August. The months just fly by, don’t they? Also, I didn’t realize that this 1UP piece went up until today: Trendy Game Features that are Older Than You Think.

  • I know a certain someone who is going to be thrilled.
  • I doubt we’ll get a freebie game, but I’m at least curious about Alan Wake and I Am Alive. And I’ll try the other two in demo form.

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