Year of the Games: August 2011

Onto August, which continued the Summer of Arcade along with a few other notables. This is where the heavy-hitters start.

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet – I enjoyed this game, but I didn’t fall in love with it like some critics. I suppose it just felt more linear than its Metroid inspiration, and the collectibles seemed more like baubles than real rewards.

Toy Soldiers: Cold War – I was a fan of the first Toy Soldiers, and this was mostly a tweaked version with a few cool new features. The Rambo-like soldier made me laugh, and given the choice between the two it’s definitely the one to get.

Doom & Destiny – Another XBL Indie. Full of self-referential humor, but it dropped off my radar pretty quickly.

SF3: Third Strike Online – I had never gotten into Street Fighter 3, but after playing this, I feel like I at least understand it. Don’t get me wrong: I’m still terrible. But I “get” the technical prowess that goes into the game and why it has such a devoted tourney scene behind it.

Madden NFL 12 – The first year I’ve really gotten into Madden. For all the complaints about yearly iterations, it’s a pretty impressive feature set for newcomers. It’s almost overwhelming how many different things there are to do. I doubt it will become a yearly tradition for me, but we’ll see.

DeathSpank: The Baconing – Man does this game overstay its welcome. I didn’t even play the first DeathSpank games, and I still got tired of the formula halfway through. I finished it out of some sense of obligation, but meh.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution – A great stylized RPG marred by some strange design decisions and a terrible ending. If you can overlook those flaws — and it’s not easy a few times — it’s well worth it.

  • I don’t love Taco Bell, but I might actually grab a meal once for funsies.
  • What a bizarre use of the Circle Pad Pro. I’m not really looking forward to the CPP, or Kid Icarus for that matter, but I thought both of those factors together could make me interested. Then I read more about it, and… nope.
  • Can’t wait for next year so I can sport my awesome #2 cape.

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