Year of the Games: September 2011

Oh, September. When games start hitting like crazy to make us wonder why we can’t have them more spread out through the whole year.

Resistance 3 – One of this year’s overlooked shooters, Insomniac showed off its knack for creative weaponry and added a nice twist with the upgrades. Giving us a full weapon wheel brought back what made the first game fun to begin with. Too bad this seemed like a swan song.

Star Fox 64 3D – I rented this game figuring I had played it plenty in the N64 days and unable to justify the purchase. It made me fall in love with it all over again. My mad skills have left me a bit, but they clearly made the 3DS mode easier.

Bloodrayne Betrayal – WayForward made a good, incredibly hard classic brawler. Wonderful art, but it seemed like they ran out of money and couldn’t give it many bells and whistles.

Renegade Ops – One of the best games for simple, crazy fun this year. This thing is the Bulletstorm of dual-stick shooters.

Crimson Alliance – This game did some smart experimental things with pricing structures, and it seemed like their attempt to try free-to-play without actually making it free-to-play. It was no Torchlight, but not bad for scratching the loot itch.

Rochard – Less Metroid than I would’ve liked, but the gravity puzzles were pretty neat.

Gears of War 3 – The best Gears so far with some great encounter design and actual well thought out story moments. I’m not a die-hard series fan but I’ve played them all and dug this one pretty well.

My Staff Picks went up at Shacknews today. These are a handful of games that we liked but didn’t make it into our Top 10 for some reason. Speaking of which, my write-up for one of the top should be going up sometime next week, I believe.

  • You know how they took backwards compatibility out of the PlayStation 3? Saw this coming.
  • I think the most significant part of Minecraft 1.1 is the ability to choose a world type. It’s limited right now, but if they keep iterating on that feature it’ll be a huge part of the game.
  • Good move, but it’s too bad pirates will interpret this as a victory. Pirates interpret pretty much everything as a victory.

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