Year of the Games: October 2011

October. When the deluge of games turns into an all-out flood. When shit gets real. This will be the precursor to November, otherwise known as when shit gets really, really real.

Rage – Try as I might, I just could not get into Rage. It felt a bit on the bland side, and the enemies jumping around like deranged spider-monkeys started cool but quickly grew irritating. I’m sure there’s a pretty good game inside, I just couldn’t crack into it. It happens.

Batman: Arkham City – Another of my favorites, this game refined everything from Arkham Asylum: the combat, the gadgetry, and most of all, the story. It was iterative, but man what an iteration.

Killzone 3 – I only played through a bit of this, and months after its initial release, but it seemed about what I expected. A gorgeous console shooter with some slightly odd controls, like its predecessor. I’ll have to finish it sometime.

Orcs Must Die – A nice little twist on the tower defense schtick with some special power paths and the ability to take control yourself. Lots of personality, lots of traps to invest in, fun all around.

Aliens Infestation – I like this quiet, brooding take on an Aliens platform-adventure game. I wish it had given slightly better directional cues, but WayForward rarely just outright disappoints.

Payday: The Heist – Probably the only game on this list that I only played once. I have a pretty high tolerance for objectionable content in games, and I know this is all homage to heist films, but something about rewarding you for intimidating and/or killing hostages just felt so dirty. I had absolutely no desire to experience it again.

Uncharted 3 – This game broke my PS3! Kidding. Kind of. It was running when my old model PS3 broke, and afterwards I did read reports that this game made them run a bit hot. Oh well. The game itself was fine, not mind-blowing like Uncharted 2, but I liked the way it ended. It really focused on the Nate/Sully relationship and they came to a kind of sweet conclusion that shows just how well those two understand each other. Too bad the fisticuffs and guns weren’t as fun. Plus, coming out only weeks after Arkham City made a terrible impression on this game’s melee by comparison.

This will wrap up next week, folks! Then back to regular blogging in which I write about whatever’s on my mind.

  • Too bad they had to drop the auction house. I didn’t know Korea was so strict on that sort of thing.
  • Really? A dozen nods for Uncharted 3? It was good and all, but wow. The AIAS was much more impressed than I was.
  • Hope Mojang can keep up with the increased workload. At least five ongoing projects seems tough.

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