Year of the Games: November 2011

Coming up on the tail end of this thing! Just one day left. Whew. November, by product of being November, had a lot of heavy-hitters.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Another of this year’s favorites. This game appeals to me for a different reason than some others. It’s not technically perfect and the world isn’t chock full of awesome things to do. But the world is so lovingly constructed, I just enjoyed exploring it. Check out my review for a more verbose explanation.

Super Mario 3D Land – This is a great Mario game even by the high standards of a Mario game. It’s a perfect little blend of classic and new Mario concepts, and one of the most “pure fun” experiences all year.

DLC Quest – A cute little indie game that served to crack jokes at the expense of DLC. Worth a buck for a few laughs.

Halo Anniversary – This remake highlights some of the balance issues of the original Halo when some encounters feel downright unfair, but I’m enjoying my time with it. It’s been put on hold a little bit; I plan to finish it when I’m done with my current review.

Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword – I want to love this game so badly. The dungeons are absolute works of art, and I feel like the story so far is more fleshed out than previous games. It has actual developments! Like, throughout the whole thing! But anytime I’m not in a dungeon, anytime I’m asked to go fetch some item or dowse for a key, I’m not having fun. I have to force myself through those parts to get to the fun. It feels like padding.

Assassin’s Creed Revelations – The year Ubisoft milked Assassin’s Creed too much. I love the story, I want to see what happens in AC3, but this year really could’ve used a break. Everything is still in place, but fatigue is setting in, in a big way.

Resident Evil 4 HD – An unfortunate victim of my PS3 breaking. Looks beautiful, looking forward to starting over. Again.

Tomorrow! December. And my official goodbye to 2011.

  • It didn’t get a lot of reader interest in the comments, but Sumioni looks kind of interesting. Pretty, at least.
  • Free, eh? You’re on, Age of Booty.

One thought on “Year of the Games: November 2011

  1. Scott Watts says:

    I have to say, the searching for things doesn’t bother me so much mostly because the dowsing mechanic at least gives one some kind of clue. I don’t stay stuck for long anyway, though, because I’ll just tend to use a guide for any game (don’t have time for it!), so I am rather loving this game. I kind of like that they basically made the overworld something of a dungeon, too (at least the surface overworld – the closest thing to slogging through Hyrule field on horseback is the bird in the air).

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