Year of the Games: December 2011

This has been a fun little exercise, but like all things it has to come to an end eventually. December is the month that things slow down, but I was also playing catch-up a bit.

Mario Kart 7 – It doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but as fan of Mario Kart games I can’t complain about a nice-looking portable one with some nifty online features. The new tracks are particularly good, but I think they could’ve chosen much better ones for the Retros. Also, this game is begging to make use of Nintendo’s new policy toward DLC.

Shadows of the Damned – Another example of stupid, over-the-top humor done with a touch of cleverness. Too bad the combat felt flat and repetitive.

Solatorobo – I wanted to like this as some sort of spiritual successor to Mega Man Legends, but the only words that came to mind were “boring furries.”

Gotham City Impostors beta – Surprisingly fun little take on the multiplayer shooter, looking forward to playing the full version.

Saints Row 3 – “Holy Crap, Did You Just See That? The Game”

Dark Souls – I’m convinced that about 60% of the reason this game is challenging is that the controls are an unintuitive mess.

Kirby Mass Attack – I enjoy Nintendo’s experiments with Kirby, and this is another nice little different diversion. It’s not a typical platformer, but it owes its seeds there. The stylus controls can be a little awkward sometimes; otherwise, lots of fun.

And we’re done! Every game I played in 2011. Probably.

  • I actually live pretty close to DC, so I’ll have to check the Smithsonian exhibit out; maybe see if I can get an interview or impressions in.
  • Syndicate has me curious enough to try a demo.

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